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Chapter 5
What Makes An Elderly Woman Working at Midnight

Old stuffs contain stories. Caring and respect are cornerstone of a society.

Ultimately, we settled down at the Hotel MyStays at 00:15am, 2 hours later than expected. I slid the curtains towards both sides, "How nice the view is!" I saw a park surrounded by a river. Should I call that river as a moat? I wasn't sure, because that was a park, not a castle. I used MyPlace to search nearby attractions, I'd found the Matsuyama Castle. The park's name is Shiroyama Park. Few days later, I had a terrible experience while going to the Matusyama Castle.

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We felt hungry again. Originally, we just wanted to buy fast casual food at the convenience store just next to the hotel. Exploring tasty food is also a part of our purpose to travel abroad. Thus, we went to take a look nearby restaurants. 

We found an izakaya was open, we entered inside, some customers tried to play with my son. The staff said something in Japanese. I said "Sorry, I don't understand Japanese." The staff amused two seconds, then he said "close" difficultly. We reluctantly left there. 

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The opposite side of the road had another restaurant which was still open, we went inside, an elderly woman served us nicely. Her attitude was far better than those stewardesses who I met on the flight. At least, showing respect doesn't break her self-esteem into ashes, because she has an adamant one. 

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I took a glance inside, 4-5 men were dinning at the back of that small restaurant. I was unable to determine whether they were good guys or not. The main problem while travelling in Japan is communication. I'm not sure I can whether tell the police our current location if some unpleasant incidents happened. So, I stayed alert all the time. 

That group of guys gazed at us occasionally. "That's alright," I thought. "I shouldn't be too sensitive." They spoke with inside voice, sometimes laughing aloud. They were well-behaved. I believed they wouldn't do anything to irritate us. 

After a while, a man wearing a cap came in, the elderly woman sent him a beer. The man sat still to watch TV. 

I eventually ignored all other people, because I encountered a big problem. I was unable to understand what the elderly woman said. She took me to the outside, pointing the dish displays and kept speaking with body language. I tried to understand, but was really unable.  I pointed one display by one display, whenever I showed my index finger and said "One". Totally, I pointed 3 dishes and said "One" for 3 times. 

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I was eating green peas and looking at the elderly woman cooking dishes for us, as if a mother was preparing dinner for children. I felt warm. 

The elderly woman made dishes on a metal plate at an open kitchen. It should be called Teppanyaki. That's why the ceiling and walls were full of oil stains. Every thing inside this small restaurant was old. Old stuffs are full of stories, each stain stands for a bit of effort has been put by her and her family. If I know Japanese language, I would ask for her story. What makes an elderly woman to work at midnight? This question was kept in my heart. 

The elderly woman spent 20-25 minutes to make the dishes I ordered, it was tough! It isn't easy to run a restaurant herself.

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An omelette with fried noodles inside was delivered onto my table. I put a bit into my mouth, chewed for few times and swallowed it. Then, I put a big piece into my mouth. It was delicious.

The man wearing a cap approached the elderly woman, he took off his cap, picked up his take-away with both hands from the elderly woman. He gave her money with both hands, too. He shook her hands tightly. That's all about caring and respect which I could feel. Caring of others is cornerstone of a society. Without love, people would fight one another; the society, even a country would collapse at last.

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I guessed the man doesn't have high level educational background, but he is well-educated. He is much better than those "uneducated" university graduates. 

We finished all dishes at last. The food were tasty. 

We walked along the same street back to the hotel. "Otemachi Station," I spoke out the station name unconsciously. 

I was extremely tired. I didn't take a bath, just went to bed directly.

Chapter 6
I Must Get What I Paid

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The Classical Train in Matsuyama

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Dogo Onsen - Matsuyama

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Isaniwa Jinja shrine (Matsuyama)

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Raining Suspended The Dogo Onsen Village

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Chapter 11
What Kind of Book Is Popular in Japan

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