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Chapter 9
Isaniwa Jinja shrine (Matsuyama)

Soaking in a spirit of nature is a great idea for urban people.

The brilliant construction in front of me. The Dogo onsen bath house was in traditional Japanese architectural design. It attracted visitors filling up its front area. I meditated that humans could go back to ancient times, what I saw didn't belong to nowadays. Overcrowded places under the hot weather would normally be a great obstacle to break my interests into rubble. Thus, we didn't get into the long queue, waiting for a countless time to take a glance at the inside. Instead, we walked along the outside. I discovered many accommodations nearby. It should be a good idea to stay in this Onsen village for one night or two. Perhaps, we can see a wonderful starry night or sitting at outdoor for having some snacks to drink with a can of beer, enjoying the silent night, it is a great idea for urban people to soak in the spirit of nature.

I am sure that many visitors who are from Osaka and Tokyo prefectures. I saw a bus terminal which was for long-distance bus services to and from those prefectures and others. 

We went back to the main entrance, the left hand side was a street to somewhere we hadn't been to. Therefore, we walked along it, "let see where the street brings us to." I thought. The short buildings were on both sides of the street. I also saw a shrine (temple) there. The walkways on both sides of the street were too narrow, passers-by needed to walk in the road, vehicles ran passing pedestrians closely. Luckily, most of them were careful drivers, they stayed alert for other people's safety. But~! I met some scary scenes at intersections. While a car was turning right at a straight angle intersection, some people weren't aware of the car and were still taking photos at the intersection. The intersection was just wide enough for the car to pass through without any extra room. The car almost touched them. It wasn't a single case, but I saw such scene several times at different intersections as walking along the road. 

I met a fat foreign guy with brown hair, he was walking with his family. I smiled at the kid in his family, the kid showed me a long face. "What's wrong?" I glanced at that guy, his face was even longer than his kid. "Why they came to visit here if this place makes you sad?" I wondered. I am so sorry to use "fat" to mention any foreign guys with brown hair or no hair, because they would be furious. Except showing a rage, they do nothing for their obese bodies. I appreciate with people who have nice body shapes. At least, they are capable to manage themselves. I am so sorry again, but try to get the healthy life back.

The road was sloppy, it made me exhausted, but something drove me crazy right ahead. We reached a long stone stairway, a shrine (temple) was on the top of it.

Walking upward in a steep stone stairway wasn't easy, every stair is wider than usual, it has a sharp edge and uneven surface. "What if I fall down to crash onto the edge?" My family and I walked slowly and carefully. After few steps, I felt my knees were so tight, my breaths became fast and short. I was exhausted obviously. "I see the shrine, so nice, I can take a rest!" I kept my smile showing on my face hardly, if not, I was afraid of other people saying "Try to get your healthy life back!" We ultimately reached the Isaniwa Jinja. This is a very famous shrine in Matsuyama, many people make prayers for wishing well here.

I turned around for facing to the long stone stairway, looking at the city from the top, I was embracing the city, I was as free as a bird.

Few raindrops fell on my face, "Oh no! We should go down the stairs." I wasn't sure if the stairs become slippery in the rain. We walked even slowly and carefully. Some elderly transcended us. They became smaller and smaller gradually, then vanished in my vision. We were still in the stairway.

Chapter 10
Raining Suspended The Dogo Onsen Village

...This incident gave me a weird feeling and this kind of feeling occurs once in a while......

Chapter 11
What Kind of Book Is Popular in Japan

...Supplementary exercise books are most popular book type in Japan. I missed the elderly lady's food while having that dinner....

Chapter 12
3 minutes Journey Became 1 Hour

...The tram started running and stopped at Matsuyama City Hall. We knew we got on a wrong tram......

Chapter 13
The Late-night Snack

...It is a general practise for Japanese workers working until mid-night. If a gangster crashed into me and then fell down on the floor, should I assist him to stand up? If I do so, would he feel insulted?...

Chapter 14
The Garden of Matsuyama Castle

......the exhibition hall was a wood house in traditional Japanese construction style. Wood houses always give me a kind of affable feeling......

Chapter 15
Ninomaru Garden and Matsuyama Castle

...Going up and down the hills! This journey was for sightseeing or physical examination? We adopted the route totally reversed....


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